The first and foremost mission at Zomick’s kosher bakery is to craft a premier event experience. An experience that meets the client’s needs and goals, exceeds their expectations and provides them with a positive, long-lasting memory.

This kosher bakery with a full catering service has been serving the local Jewish community since 1966. For more than half a century it’s been offering gourmet kosher products. With magical flavors from all around the world, including the traditional Zomick’s Challah recipe, the products of the bakery are skillfully handcrafted and beautifully presented. Zomick’s professional staff is known for their close attention to detail and for providing delicious fresh cuisine, served in a cozy, traditional atmosphere.

Zomick’s Origin

But this bakery hasn’t always been as sophisticated as it is today. Back in the days when it first opened, its initial goal was to make kosher food, since there was a real need for that.

Over time, New York City, especially the Brooklyn area became the most Jewish-settled one, and the demand for kosher-certified products increased vigorously. In order to meet the growing demand for kosher foods, Zomick’s started providing a wide variety of kosher-based products. These were challah bread, bagels, muffins, knishes and cookies, loaves, pies, and other baked goods.

Along with the high demand for kosher cutleries and the growth of the global kosher food market, consumer trends for allergen-free, healthy, and unique food products also contributed to Zomick’s bakery expansion.

US Kosher Food Market

The highest growth in the global kosher food market was witnessed in North America. Of course, New York City was the main driving force.

Zomick’s, as well as a few other kosher bakeries, already had a loyal customer base. But as they were experiencing high demand due to increased spending by consumers in this region, they decided to expand their offering and incorporate more kosher products.

Today, Zomick’s is one of the leaders in the kosher bakery business in the New York area, supplying customers with the highest quality artisan baked goods and prepared food products. All the products are made accordingly to the kashruth Jewish dietary laws. Also, the bakery is certified by the New York City Rabbinical Council. Zomick’s authentic, Jewish-style, and European bread, as well as delightful desserts, have been a part of their family for many generations.

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