Zomick’s Bread – Integral With Sunflower

Zomick’s kosher bakery continues to surprise its customers in order to bring their creativity into the kitchen.

As of next month, all the gourmands will have an opportunity to buy promotional packs of Zomick’s Bakery Corn flour and get a gift (wooden spoon and grippers) with the package. With this, each of us can awaken our creativity in the kitchen to create delicious and irresistible products prepared with corn flour and cornmeal.

The event “Zomick’s follows Kosher consumers” was completed with positive outcomes, and in addition follows a statement of passers who, after shopping in one of the largest supermarkets in New York, had their bags with some of Zomick’s products. We asked them to answer the question:

“Why Zomick’s?”

Nicholas, pensioner

Age: 71 years

Consumer of: Zomick’s Bread – Integral with sunflower

“It’s a pity there wasn’t something like this when I was your age, twenty, thirty years … Now we seek consolation in everything that says ‘healthy lifestyle’. Me and my wife, for a while now, started consuming integral bread based on sunflower, on the recommendation of our children who told us that these compounds are ideal for people of our age, and now is the time when we do what our children tell us, we changed the roles.

What can I say, this bread is very tasty, there is the flavor of sunflowers, and is very fresh, even after a day, but we’re using those pieces for sop.

Once we read in detail the composition, we realized that the good taste is due to a combination of whole wheat and rye flour with the addition of sunflower seed and wheat germ, and if you test it can recognize all these flavors. From these ingredients, we also receive an amount of vitamin E, thus strengthening our immunity and protecting us against heart diseases. And not only that, once you fill up nicely, for the next few hours we don’t even think of getting some snacks. For now, we feel great with the granny and hope Zomick’s bakery with their kosher products can help us be healthy, so we can look after our grandchildren and give them some advice on how to feed healthy. ” review is taken from Zomick’s Facebook page.

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