Baking In Kosher Quality

Being Jewish is many things. It is an inheritance, it is to be born of a Jewish mother. Being Jewish is a culture of thousands of years, a religion, a way of thinking, a way of living, and a world community. All of these things define what it is to be Jewish. The way each person chooses to carry religion, in terms of eating kosher food, makes him neither more nor less Jewish.

However, there are many regulations written in the Bible regarding what a Jew should eat and how he should eat it. These were mostly regulations that were made for hygienic issues. For example, a Jew is prohibited from eating certain animals, and the pig is one of them. In ancient times when these regulations were written, the pig was indigestible, causing many health problems. This is why a rule is created that prohibits eating it.

Another rule is not to eat meat and dairy during the same meal. The vessels in those days were very porous, so if you took something dairy in them, bacteria could remain. Then you put meats in this pot and the food was contaminated, so it was not healthy. The rules arise to increase the hygiene and safety of the Jewish people, but they remain as things that a Jew must do and give rise to the tradition of eating according to kosher regulations.

Established in 1966, pursuing a dream of many years, Zomick’s kosher bakery reached the kosher public, with the aim of providing an excellent product, at a price accessible to the entire community. Quickly entering the kosher market in general, reaching almost all the neighborhoods of New York City, today Zomick’s covers the needs of a large part of the public in the communities of all five boroughs.

We were able to try the delicious selection of bread, including the world-famous Zomick’s challah, whose design and preparation are unique to Zomick’s Bakery. As explained by the bakery’s head baker, the ingredients used are natural, using both natural egg (instead of powdered egg) and 100% wheat flour in its preparation. Being parve, Zomick’s challah bread is made with margarine.

It isn’t just a matter of food, but how it is handled.

All the ingredients and the way of making them define kosher food. This is important because, in addition to the regulations with some animals, there are the rules of use of the utensils. That is why Zomick’s kosher bakery has 2 kitchen sets, one for use with dairy and one for non-dairy.

Zomick’s offers various products of kosher quality. For this, Zomick’s production process and the raw materials used in production are strictly controlled at regular intervals. To document this, the Inwood-based kosher bakery is given a certificate issued by a rabbi for each kosher product. It confirms that the product is kosher & parve.

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