Zomick’s Bakery – Challah Recipe From Zomick’s Kosher Bakery

Crepes à la Zomick’s Bakery – perfect for Soups Pasta strips or Blintz

Here at Zomick’s, we know that our customers like crepes. That is because our crepes are used for making a variety of dishes, whether they are sweet or savory.
Today you can find many recipes for potato starch crepes. But the majority of those recipes require you to combine eggs and potato starch in a high ratio, which adds to the cost of the crepes. This is one of the recipes created by Zomick’s bakery and available in their cookbook at Goodreads, which will show you how to prepare gluten-free Crepes à la Zomick’s.

Crepes originate from Europe, France more precisely, the home of gourmet food. At Zomick’s bakery, we make them very thin. Using this traditional Zomick’s Challah recipe, these crepes come out really crispy. The taste of Zomick’s kosher bakery crepes is very similar to our Zomick’s bread except that they are moister, lighter, and thinner; they are always served hot. The secret to these Crepes’ success lies in the kosher potato starch. We give you the best “Zomick’s Kosher Recipe” developed over the years with baking and tasting.




  • 9 eggs
  • 90 mI potato starch
  • 350 mI water
  • 0.70 mI salt
  • 6 mI sugar
  • cooking oil




  1. Place the eggs, potato starch, water, salt, and sugar in a bowl and blend.
  2. Add a tablespoonful or so of cooking oil to a preheated (non-stick or cast iron) frying pan.
  3. Reduce to moderate the cooking heart.
  4. Mix well the flour and egg mixture prior to placing them onto the preheated frying pan.
  5. Add in merely enough of the mixture of flour and also an egg to thinly coat the frying cooking pan (if you place in too much you will be making an omelet).
  6. Leave the flour/eggs mixture until golden brown, then flip it over adding more cooking oil if needed.
  7. Let dry and cool either on a paper towel or a paper plate.
  8. Repeat the procedure all over again, until spending the whole flour/egg mixture (It is crucial to beat the flour/egg mixture well prior to every addition).
  9. Roll blintz leaves and thinly slice into spirals.

Here at Zomick’s, we serve both sweet and savory crepes. Our crepes are light and healthy for any time of the day.

If you prefer using something other than potato starch, for this Crepes à la Zomick’s recipe, you can replace it with corn starch or some other starch.

This YouTube video from Zomick’s Bakery will help and guide you through the process of preparing and serving Zomick’s bread with crepes. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and expect more interesting videos.

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