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Kosher Delightful Inventions

Despite all challenges, Jewish people have been a source of pride with their enormous number of inventions and innovations that have taken root in almost every part of the world. A great example of that is the kosher food which has influenced the global marketplace in a way that goes beyond actual numbers. Zomick’s is a family-owned kosher bakery located in Inwood, New York City. Their mission is to offer tasty kosher goods that benefit the community.

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Throughout the 50 years of their existence, Zomick’s has introduced a lot of new culinary treats and creative kosher products and recipes in order to satisfy the ever increasing demand. But they have also made sure to keep their traditional taste and authentic products that have been perfected while passing down from one generation to another.

Zomick’s is constantly looking to explore creative ideas and products that are practical yet innovative. Al of the products used in Zomick’s are approved and certified by the New York City Rabbinical Council and are fully certified. Although Zomick’s is best known for making the tastiest challah bread, the bakery also offers a wide range of baked goods like knishes, cakes, cookies, pies, loaves as well as authentic Jewish-style and European pastries and delightful desserts. The skillful bakers and its staff are always working on new and exciting ideas to enhance the Jewish home.

Zomick’s already has a steady stream of customers and has been selling out its baked good each day ever since their opening back in 1966. Every day lots of bread and pastries, of both the sweet and savory variety such as various challah, pita, buns, sambusak, bagels, puff pastry, babka, rugelach, sufganiyot, and more come out fresh from Zomick’s oven.

Given the recent kosher demand grows, it seems like the global kosher market isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The rising consumption of cakes and pastries and the various health benefits associated with this cuisine are also indicators of the increased popularity in Northern America and Europe. Thank’s to their rich experience, Zomick’s  has mastered how to split the focus between indulgent and healthy products.

Zomick’s Kosher Bakery Headed for Growth

Nowadays, kosher food is recognized by culinary experts not only as one of the most widely-consumed foods, but also as one of the most popularly-preferred foods in the world. Jewish food is prepared under the requirements of the Kashrut law, and because it conforms to the regulations of such laws it is necessary to undergo various special treatments. Zomick’s bakery is one of New York’s oldest kosher bakeries, opened back in 1966 and serving the customers’’ needs for over 50 years. There has been real demand for kosher food ever since the Jewish people immigrated from Europe and other places to the United States. Wishing to bring along a piece of their culture and heritage, they also brought their traditional recipes with smells, flavors and tastes that they had grown up with. So they brought their knishes, kugels, kreplach, and other Jewish Eastern European comfort foods that have since become famous.

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The first and foremost mission over at Zomick’s kosher bakery is to craft a premier event experience that meets the client’s need and goals, exceeds their expectations, and provides them with a positive, long-lasting memory. This kosher bakery with a full catering service has been serving the local Jewish community since 1966. For more than half a century it’s been offering gourmet kosher products with magical flavors from all around the world, including the traditional Zomick’s Challah recipe, skillfully handcrafted and beautifully presented. Zomick’s professional staff is known for their close attention to detail and providing delicious fresh cuisine, served in a cozy, traditional atmosphere. But this bakery hasn’t always been as sophisticated as it is today. Back in the days when it first opened, its initial goal was to make kosher food, since there was a real need for that.

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Kosher Food

Kosher foods are not the same as a vegetarian; they are prepared in accordance with special regulations and Jewish customs. The term “pareve” means that the food is produced and prepared similarly for vegans. All the food that is consumed is subject to special rules (Kashrut), where everything is defined and controlled.

Any food that is labeled “kosher” must be certified. The facility where food is prepared must be under constant supervision of a rabbi, just like Zomick’s Kosher Bakery explain in the report of Jewish Culture food festival. The food must be clean and naturally produced. There is a similarity with vegetarian principles of preparing food, but also there is something more than that.

Zomick's Kosher Foods

Getting kosher foods

The procedure to obtain such food is very specific; for example, during the process of baking can be used only sugar derived from sugar cane which has been previously filtered through charcoal. This process is required for removing the color (discoloration) of sugar because it is required to be snow white. The coal which is obtained from bovine bone is not considered as foods, same as the skins of animals is not considered of food. Sugar goes through bone charcoal as flour through a sieve and does not enter in the coal.

In order for Zomick’s Bakery to meet the very severe regulations, there are special facilities for kosher processing (for example, slaughterhouse for kosher slaughter). Speaking of slaughterhouses, no industrial production line but each animal slaughtered in worship on earth, and skinning is also done by hand on the ground, in the presence of a rabbi. This, of course, in modern conditions of production significantly slows down the process.

Gelatin is obtained from bones and skin, but for Zomick’s recipes in a special way (Kosher Gelatin). Because it can be produced from fish bones, gelatin does not belong to the group of meat and meat products even in milk and milk products simply because the fish are considered “pareve”, and are sold as non-meat foods. As the gelatin can be obtained from vegetable raw materials, it is among the kosher products.

Cheese can be used with Zomick’s bread if it is obtained under kosher conditions. This means that cheese gets spread milk rennet which was obtained as kosher. However, we must point out that meat and milk (which means meat and dairy products) cannot be mixed.

If to the Zomick’s challah recipe is added milk powder during processing (especially baking), the milk must come from dairy cows with a kosher certificate. The baking company prepares its renowned Zomick’ challah bread only from white flour, water, yeast and salt. Even yeast that is used for the bread in small quantities must be certified kosher.