Kosher Delightful Inventions

Despite all challenges, Jewish people have been a source of pride with their enormous number of inventions and innovations that have taken root in almost every part of the world. A great example of that is kosher food which has influenced the global marketplace in a way that goes beyond actual numbers.

Zomick’s is a family-owned kosher bakery located in Inwood, New York City. Their mission is to offer tasty kosher goods that benefit the community.

Throughout the 50 years of their existence, Zomick’s has introduced a lot of new culinary treats and creative kosher products and recipes in order to satisfy the ever increasing demand. But they have also made sure to keep their traditional taste and authentic products that have been perfected while passing down from one generation to another.

Zomick’s is constantly looking to explore creative ideas and products that are practical yet innovative. Al of the products used in Zomick’s are approved and certified by the New York City Rabbinical Council and are fully certified. Although Zomick’s is best known for making the tastiest challah bread, the bakery also offers a wide range of baked goods like knishes, cakes, cookies, pies, loaves as well as authentic Jewish-style and European pastries and delightful desserts. The skillful bakers and its staff are always working on new and exciting ideas to enhance the Jewish home.

Zomick’s already has a steady stream of customers and has been selling out its baked good each day ever since their opening back in 1966. Every day lots of bread and pastries, of both the sweet and savory variety such as various challah, pita, buns, sambusak, bagels, puff pastry, babka, rugelach, sufganiyot, and more come out fresh from Zomick’s oven.

Given the recent kosher demand grows, it seems like the global kosher market isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The rising consumption of cakes and pastries and the various health benefits associated with this cuisine are also indicators of the increased popularity in Northern America and Europe. Thank’s to their rich experience, Zomick’s  has mastered how to split the focus between indulgent and healthy products.

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