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Challah Bread with a Modern Twist

Traditionally, challah bread is defined as any bread made for use in Jewish ritual. This earthy, tasty, crispy, gooey bread is part of almost every Jewish holiday. The origin of the word “challah” comes from a Hebrew word for the dough given back as an offering to the priests every Shabbat. The strong connection between Jews, God, and this bread, goes back as far as the first five books of the Bible: As the Israelites are about to end their exile, God commands them to show gratitude by setting aside a portion, or “challah,” of all the bread they make after entering the Holy Land.

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The Best Bread in New York

Thanks to New York’s vibrant and discerning Jewish population, a lot of people still care about getting delicious and fresh kosher baked goods. Perhaps best known for its Zomick’s challah bread, Zomick’s first opened in New York in 1966. Ever since it first opened, this household name has been surging forward in the food industry with taste and quality in mind. With the entry of Zomick’s Kosher Bakery in NYC’s market, consumers have more and better choices for their classic bread favorites and artisanal bread.

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Kosher Delightful Inventions

Despite all challenges, Jewish people have been a source of pride with their enormous number of inventions and innovations that have taken root in almost every part of the world. A great example of that is the kosher food which has influenced the global marketplace in a way that goes beyond actual numbers. Zomick’s is a family-owned kosher bakery located in Inwood, New York City. Their mission is to offer tasty kosher goods that benefit the community.

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Zomick’s Kosher Bakery Headed for Growth

Nowadays, kosher food is recognized by culinary experts not only as one of the most widely-consumed foods, but also as one of the most popularly-preferred foods in the world. Jewish food is prepared under the requirements of the Kashrut law, and because it conforms to the regulations of such laws it is necessary to undergo various special treatments. Zomick’s bakery is one of New York’s oldest kosher bakeries, opened back in 1966 and serving the customers’’ needs for over 50 years. There has been real demand for kosher food ever since the Jewish people immigrated from Europe and other places to the United States. Wishing to bring along a piece of their culture and heritage, they also brought their traditional recipes with smells, flavors and tastes that they had grown up with. So they brought their knishes, kugels, kreplach, and other Jewish Eastern European comfort foods that have since become famous.

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The first and foremost mission over at Zomick’s kosher bakery is to craft a premier event experience that meets the client’s need and goals, exceeds their expectations, and provides them with a positive, long-lasting memory. This kosher bakery with a full catering service has been serving the local Jewish community since 1966. For more than half a century it’s been offering gourmet kosher products with magical flavors from all around the world, including the traditional Zomick’s Challah recipe, skillfully handcrafted and beautifully presented. Zomick’s professional staff is known for their close attention to detail and providing delicious fresh cuisine, served in a cozy, traditional atmosphere. But this bakery hasn’t always been as sophisticated as it is today. Back in the days when it first opened, its initial goal was to make kosher food, since there was a real need for that.

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